I heart Singapore

This year I decided to celebrate my birthday by treating myself to a vacation in Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Each place is beautiful and unique in their own way but for this post I’ll just limit myself to gush about the amazing Singapore.

Singapore is such a beautiful country. As a solo female traveler I felt extremely safe, even when I was out and about late at night. Someone described living in Singapore as being “cautiously happy” because of the strict rules, but I guess that’s what makes this such a safe travel destination.

I highly recommend getting a transit pass to avoid the lineups at transit booths and to allow for spontaneous bus trips. I do a lot of walking when I’m traveling, I think walking is the best way to really explore and get a feel of the city. However, Singapore is HOT and humid. It’s the “I think I’m actually melting” kind of hot. A couple of times I ended up taking the transit just to get out of the sun. I honestly think that’s why there are so many shopping centers around, it’s so people can get out of the sun when they feel like they’re about to die of heat stroke. 

There were so many “wow” moments during my time in Singapore. It’s hard to pick just one so I’ll just go ahead and fangirl about my top 3 favourite moments as well as my top 3 favourite food adventures!

Favourite Moments

1. Gardens by the Bay

I was so happy that they allow re-entry at the Cloud Garden and the Flower Dome. I definitely took advantage of the re-entry stamps at both places. 


I actually ended up spending a whole day at the Gardens by the Bay because if you wait until 7:30PM there’s an amazing light show at the Supertree Grove. The lights on these “super trees” were synced to the music perfectly. It was just such a fun and beautiful show. I didn’t want it to end!  


2. Marina Bay Sands (MBS)

This was a huge splurge for me. It was a $400/night stay! This is the iconic 3 tower building with the big “boat” like structure sitting atop the 3 towers. I decided to stay here because only hotel guests have access to the infinity pool. 


Yes, the infinity pool was definitely worth the splurge. The view up on the 57th floor was amazing. The infinity pool itself was so refreshing in the 40 degree weather and the food/service at the poolside was top notch. It was such a fun experience overall. I would’ve loved to stay here for another night if I had unlimited travel funds (I’m available if anyone wants to be my travel sponsor). 


MBS is practically a mini city, there’s a mall with some amazing restaurants attached to the hotel. The MBS lived up to the hype and definitely did not disappoint!

3. Future exhibit

As a MBS hotel guest, I got a discount on tickets to the exhibits at the art science museum. I actually went through the Future World exhibit twice because it was just so beautiful and relaxing.


I found myself taking a gazillion photos trying to capture that “perfect” shot. I always have to remind myself to really be in the moment when I’m traveling, instead of seeing everything through the lens. With the awesome MBS discount I was able really experience the exhibit the 2nd time around. I’ve never seen such an interactive art exhibit before. I was able to download an app on my phone which allowed me to control the different light settings. It was so immersive and well done. 


Favourite food adventures

Not gonna lie, I totally travel for the food. My trips are usually planned around where I want to eat and everything else is just a bonus.  The food in Singapore was amazing. I had a really hard time narrowing it down to my top 3.

1. Brother Bird Softserve Co. 

This is definitely one of the most memorable desserts I’ve ever had. It was as delicious as it was beautiful. I looked around the restaurant for other people’s reactions to see if they were freaking out about the dessert as much as I was. It was one of those times that I actually wished I had a travel buddy to share the moment with. 


A perfect swirl of refreshing strawberry basil sherbet sitting on top of a fresh out the fryer mochi doughnut. It was the perfect balance of hot and cold/soft and crunchy. 

2. Non Entrée Desserts

Such a creative way of serving this match lava cake. I loved the presentation and the matcha lava cake itself was so yummy. It’s sitting on top of a caramalized sugar crisp and in the glass is roasted green tea gelato on a bed of crunchy almond nougatine and chocolate “soil”.

Bonus: there’s azuki beans inside the chocolate lava cake! Such a yummy flavour combination. Can’t go wrong with matcha and red bean! 


3. Soya Chicken 

The fact that I’m posting a savory dish is a testament to just how much I loved this placed. I’m still amazed at how affordable this soya chicken is considering that this is a Michelin Star restaurant! I must’ve eaten here at least 3 times during my time in Singapore. The sauce is flavourful, the chicken is tender and the portions are reasonable. This is all for just $3.80! I like how they kept the integrity of the hawker center style and price even after receiving the Michelin Star rating. The lineup is pretty insane all throughout the day but it’s definitely worth the wait.


Singapore exceeded my expectations in every way and I can’t wait to go back again!